Thursday, September 1, 2011

“I didn’t want to be a slave to cattle,” he said. “I’m a slave to books instead.”

At the Borders closing sale this weekend, I picked up a copy of Lonesome Dove, and marveled at the huge book that could be mine for only $7.20.

My friend had the good sense to kindly point out, "But are you really going to read Lonesome Dove?"

Good point... it'll just sit on my shelf, and I'll tell people that I keep meaning to read it but never have the time. But this article on The Book Bench blog reminded me that I DO love Larry McMurtry. Horseman, Pass By and the resulting movie Hud (with a super dreamy Paul Newman) in particular.

He owns a fairly large and famous used book store in Texas, and of course has a big love for books (and I mean "books" in the holy sense of the word. The literal object that sits on your bookshelf, with a cracked spine, turned down pages, that tells snoopers "I've read this and LOVE it").

“It’s tragic,” he said. “It’s just clear that bookselling as it’s been basically since Gutenberg—a form of dispensing culture, if you will—is clearly passing away. I don’t think we have a reading culture anymore. Five years ago, I would have thought I was leaving my son and my grandson a great asset, and now I’m not sure I am.”

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Doesn't he look like a fun guy?