Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August Stitch-Along

Here we go, blog attempt #45 - this time I'm going to try and chronicle my crafty projects. I'll also be throwing up some posts of things I like and find squee-worthy. Unsure about the name at the moment, I'm thinking 'Crab Apples' or 'Sweet Tea', or some other such thing I like...

Now that we're somewhat introduced, currently I'm working on a project for the Feeling Stitchy: August Stitch-Along. This month the challenge was to find a patterned fabric and embellish!

Seems like most pattern fabrics are floral (and boring!), so it took me until mid-August to locate a sort of cute bird pattern fat quarter at Wal-Mart. Not bad for $1.25 if you ask me. But to be honest, I'm not in love with these birds. Since I haven't bonded with this fabric, I chose colors I wanted to get rid of and didn't want to save for other projects.

I'm beginning to regret this, as it's hard for me to stay motivated. I've made very little progress, but do you see that yellow bird's eye? Do you know what this is? SUCCESS. I've absolutely never ever been able to create and keep a french knot, but that beauty only took me three tries to get right. Baby steps folks, I feel like true embroidery mastery will be mine!

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