Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 1: Photo Challenge

I love the photo challenge over here on Oh So Lovely.

Day One: Self Portrait - also a good excuse to show off the necklace I just assembled (I hesitate to say 'made' since I didn't manufacture anything...)

If we've chatted for any length of time, you'll quickly learn about my love of big earrings... and fear of Barbra Walters' earlobes.

While time may have been kind to Barbara Walters in some ways, it's been absolute murder on her ears. Check out the photographic evidence: they're practically sitting on her shoulders.

So in an effort to preserve my dainty and youthful earlobes, I've begun to shun heavy earrings, but I couldn't help but order these wonderful earrings. Of course they were way too heavy to wear and I couldn't bear to return them. So I found a vintage-y looking silver chain on etsy, and made them into a necklace.

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